Cantilever Racking

Cantilever Racking

Ideal for abnormal loads

Cantilever racking solutions are designed to maximise storage space while maintaining easy access to storage items, and is adherent to general safety standards. This innovative racking system is ideal for storing long, irregular and mixed loads.

Storing goods with Cantilever racking

We offer a complete range of cantilever racking systems as an optimised storage solution for storing goods that are longer in length, loads from 50 to 2,500 kg and most types of abnormally-sized goods.

Goods that are longer in length typically include metal and plastic tubing, wooden boards, and steel rods. Our cantilever racking is made of hot rolled steel profiles (HEA or IPE) of various sizes, finished in a high quality epoxy polyester powder coating for indoor applications, or a galvanised coating for outside applications.

Technical specification of our cantilever racking

  • The column and foot of the cantilever racking is welded or bolted together, depending on the nature of the application
  • Cantilever racking can be used as single or double-sided rows.
  • Cantilever columns can measure up to nine meters, and are perforated every 50 or 100mm to allow for arm mounting
  • Ground guidance for lanes can also be installed which is suitable for use with heavy machinery
  • Beams are bolted to the ground and are also adjustable by 50 to 100mm, according to storage volumes
  • The length of our cantilever racking arms ranges from 600 to 2,500mm