Conventional Pallet Racking

Conventional Pallet Racking

Efficient pallet racking

Storage Equipment and Stow Storage Solutions guarantee that all pallet racking, parts and accessories are 100% FEM compliant. Our pallet racking systems have been carefully scrutinised and inspected to ensure the overall load capacity meets FEM specifications.

Why choose a Stow Storage Solutions pallet racking system?

  1. Our pallet racking systems meet the requirements of international operational and safety regulations.
  2. We make use of digitally-rendered designs to provide the most suitable solution for every application
  3. Our pallet racking systems are modular and flexible in design, which helps us optimise your work or warehouse space for maximum return on investment
  4. Each pallet racking system is designed for easy installation
  5. Our pallet racking systems present a highly cost-effective storage solution


Our basic pallet racking systems are designed to fit together seamlessly and are adjustable according to your needs, optimising storage space for goods of any size and weight.

STOW pallet racking scheme

1 The frame
2 The footplate
3 The beam
4 The pick & deposit station
5 The pallet support
6 The container support
7 The frame protector
8 The upright protector
9 The corner protector
10 Fall through protection