Drive in Racking

Drive in racking

Drive In racks provide increase storage capacity

Our Drive In racks are intelligently designed to increase storage space, allowing you to do away with picking aisles and offering a bespoke solution for storing many pallets that are relatively similar in size and weight. Safe block stacking is another great feature which ensures fragile goods aren’t stacked directly on top of one another.

Drive In installations are most suitable for Conventional Racking,  vertical widths of up to 140mm allow for the building of particularly tall installations where necessary.

Different types of Drive In racking

Storage Equipment offers three types of Drive In racks, depending on the specific load and unload procedure, as well as accessibility:

  • Single Drive In racking
  • Double Drive In racking
  • Drive through racking

High visibility vertical guards and ground rails are designed to increase the Drive In system’s productivity, where entry guides are separate to ground rails, allowing for quick replacement in case of damage.

Drive in racking scheme
  1. Frame (vertical)
  2. Top-beam
  3. Pallet rail
  4. Support arm
  5. Entry guide
  6. Ground guidance
  7. The entry point on the ground guidance
  8. Back-bracing
  9. Back-stop