Mobile Pallet Racking System

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Mobile Pallet Racking System

Increase storage capacity by up to 80%

Mobile pallet racking offers a compact solution to storage requirements, which is especially useful when space is expensive such as cold rooms, while still allowing for easy access to individual pallets. Mobile Pallet Racking allows you to widen or reduce aisles between pallets at any given time, according to your needs. Save up to 80% of valuable storage space with a Mobile Pallet Racking Solution, which will save you on the overall cost of lighting, heating and cooling.

Adding P&D-locations to your mobile pallet racking system might further increase the warehouse efficiency, resulting in a higher return on investment.

Basic characteristics of our Mobile Pallet Racking System

An intuitive integrated RF-system lets you operate the Mobile Pallet Racking System manually or automatically, depending on what works best for you. The PLC’s software can be linked to your existing ERP and programmed accordingly.

In addition, the mobile pallet racking system can be remotely controlled from an RF-terminal installed in the fork lift or as a compatible hand-held device.

Advanced technology ensures increased safety

An EMSD-compliant photoelectric beam system is fixed to each of our mobile racks as well as at the outer ends of the entire installation as a safety precaution. This features a safety light which is activated when the equipment is in operation.

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