Pallet Live Storage

Pallet Live Storage

Compact storage with the Pallet Live system

Pallet Live storage is an efficient and compact way to store palletised goods, reducing the number of aisles needed in the process and increasing capacity for storage in the process. The Pallet Live system also prevents unnecessary fork-lifting and transportation of pallets from one point to another for warehouses.

Types of Pallet Live storage

  • First in/first out (FIFO) – this system uses gravity to carry goods down after they are placed on the on-load face, after which the pallets can be removed at the off-load face (first-in/first-out principle).
  • Last in/first out (LIFO) – pallets are loaded and unloaded from the same side, where the fork lift thrusts the pallets into a specific storage space and they are returned by the force of gravity if pallets are removed.

Benefits of using the Pallet Live storage system

  • This system requires fewer aisles, which frees up more space for storage
  • Store extra stock in the lanes to make order processing easier
  • Increase productivity by reducing the amount of time taken to travel between storage locations
  • Handle large volumes of products that are frequently transported easily, with the help of long storage lanes
  • Cut energy costs – the Pallet Live system limits lighting to the load and unload areas. In the case of cold room storage, the system also allows you to reduce refrigerating costs as a result of lower cubic volumes stored in the warehouse.

Watch a Pallet Live system demonstration