Midi Rack Long Span Shelving


Solutions for hand loaded products

Long span shelving

Storage of light to medium heavy loads with ease with our fully adjustable Midi Rack® long span shelving system, perfect for almost any application including shelf racking and long span shelving, as well as multitier and high rise installations.

Some of the benefits of our long span shelving and racking system include:

  • Easy assembly
  • Stability
  • Cost efficiency
  • A variety of shelving positions

Midi Rack® long span shelving

The Midi Rack® system is designed to facilitate the storage of heavy products that are loaded by hand, whether its machinery, equipment, tools or boxes.

Construction of a long span shelving system

Much like pallet racking, the long span shelving system consists of a set of frames and beams, along with a comprehensive range of accessories with shelves made of wood or steel (depending on your preference).

The upright includes a 50mm perforation that allow you to mount the beams without the use of bolts, while the hook has been fashioned into a tapered shape of the narrowing hook offers helps to maintain the structure’s stability and rigidity without back bracing.

Use the same shelf clips to mount the Stow Shelf®, which include triangular side perforations for easier installation. This lightweight system can also be used with the Midi Rack® long span shelving system as the perforations are on the same level and pitch.