Automated Mini Load

Mini Load Single Store

Automated Storage – Automated Racking

Mini Load systems employ are automated storage solutions that employ retrieval systems (AS/RS), and are generally used to store small quantities of goods from 25 to 250 kg per unit.

The goods are mechanically sorted by fully automated AS/RS-cranes, guided from the top and bottom of the structure, to retrieve items and deliver them to a picking station or directly onto a picking conveyor.

Our automated racking installations are equipped with the most commonly used system integrators in the industry, making them easier for operators to understand and manage. Each of these automated storage systems can be adapted to suit any type of AS/RS device, and can be equipped with telescopic forks, side grips or other extracting tools.

Goods in an automated racking system

A well-designed racking system depends heavily on the shape, size and quality of items being stored, and these factors are all important consideration when determining the measurements of each level of the racking system. The specifications of the AS/RS machinery must be taken into account when calculating dimensions.