Multi-Tier Racking & Shelving

Multi-Tier Racking

Multi-Tier Racking Using Intelligent Flooring

Both the Stow Shelf® and Midi Rack® shelving systems can be equipped with our intelligent industrial flooring and staircases to create multi-tiered shelving solutions.

Two types of industrial flooring systems are offered, giving the customers the options of an intermediate walkway, a floor-over, or both, according to their unique requirements.

An evenly distributed load of 350 kg/m² is generally used for walkways, while manually-operated forklifts and other load capacities may require 500 to 1,000 kg per square meter.

Floor decking

For multi-tier racking systems a wooden or steel floor can be installed. The high density wooden floor, with an optional white-painted finish and anti-slip coating are most commonly used.

Components of a multi-tier racking system

  1. The perforated C Section main beam, which connects to the frames.
  2. All multi-tier systems include a purlin to reduce the size of the industrial flooring system, allowing for mounted lighting fixtures and other components.
  3. Purlin connectors, which join the purlins to the main beam without the need of nuts & bolts.
  4. Decking