Stow Shelf Shelving System

Stow shelf Shelving System

Office setting or industrial warehouse?

Shelving systems to suit every need

Looking for a storage solution that ticks all the boxes? The Stow Shelf® shelving system is suitable for virtually any environment, from corporate offices to industrial warehouses. This shelving system is designed to store light to semi-heavy loads of up to 230 kg per shelf. We can also tailor a multi-tiered structure as part of the Stow Shelf® solution, offering a frame that can withstand loads of up to 4,000 kg.

Stow’s Shelving System feature a high quality epoxy coating finish, available in RAL 5010 (gentian blue) and RAL 5015 (sky blue) for the uprights, while shelves are galvanised for added strength.

Stow's shelving features

Our shelving is uniquely designed with a range of practical features, including:

  • Square edging designed to prevent buckling under heavy loads
  • Clinched, reinforced corners to offer increased stability and greater resistance against impact loads
  • Triple folds on the shorter side of the shelves
  • Shelf dimensions ensure many types and sizes of cartons and containers can be stored with ease
  • Shelves are lined with perforations at every 53mm point, allowing you to mount shelf dividers where necessary
  • Shelf edges are purposefully blunt to avoid workplace injuries
  • Front profile is perfectly sized for adding labels