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From conceptualisation to execution

Storage Equipment sets itself apart from the competition by making it our priority to find innovative, original solutions to customer’s storage requirements. We understand that every customer’s needs are different, some requirements are easily solved by with a standard, mass-produced storage solution, while others require a more tailored approach. With our extensive experience and technical expertise, we are confident that we are not only able identify the right solution for you, but can also implement it in your business to achieve the best results.

Working in partnership with Stow Storage Solutions, we are constantly evolving to ensure our products and services align with international standards, and an important component of our growth and development is to ensure that we are equipped with the tools and skills required in order to provide you with superior service.

Inspection of Industrial Storage Systems

The modern warehouse environment is fast-paced and optimal productivity is a huge priority, this means that businesses simply cannot afford not to keep a close eye on the overall condition and robustness of their equipment. Storage Equipment offers support to make this important process as effortless and efficient as possible, thanks to our unique approach to industrial storage system inspections.

Storage Equipment offer free site analysis and recommendations to any type or brand of existing Racking or Shelving.

Permanent and systematic maintenance

Pallet racking systems require constant and systematic maintenance to ensure a longer life and operational safety. The Racking should be checked regularly and thoroughly to prevent the inconvenience and cost of having to repair or replace expensive components. By performing periodic inspections of all your storage equipment and facilities, you can easily spot damages and potential danger before the point of no return.

It is vital to ensure that your storage systems are correctly installed, regularly maintained and safe to use and operate, particularly in the event of a serious accident where an investigation might need to be conducted. We’ve seen, time and time again, how handling errors on an already badly maintained system can often be the cause of unfortunate accidents.

To avoid complications in the future, make sure that all storage equipment and installations are inspected by a trained expert.

The Storage Equipment inspection process

  • We conduct full inspections in accordance with local and international safety and operational standards
  • All inspections are free of charge and conducted in-house, by expert and qualified inspectors
  • We provide a free and detailed inspection report that offers a comprehensive overview that includes every detail of the existing condition of your facilities, problem areas and potential safety risks

All inspections are performed by one of our trained in-house inspectors, and take place over a maximum period of 6 months. Our inspectors are extremely knowledgeable. Based on a standardised checklist, they are able to identify and categorise any damage or deformation, particularly in the case of protection systems, anchoring system, safety pins, frames and beams.


Following European standard EN 15635, which outlines strict procedures on the design and installation of storage systems, there are a range of responsibilities that users are expected to adhere to in their daily use and operation of the system. For instance, ensuring the unit is stable and safe for use is our biggest and most important task, but the manner in which users interact with the system is also a key consideration. Regular maintenance is one of the major conditions stipulated in the Standard. As such, it’s up to the user to ensure all equipment and facilities undergo regular maintenance

In addition to imposing standards on how storage systems must be designed and calculated by the manufacturers, the same European standard, clearly and explicitly defines the responsibilities that the user of the storage racks has in his/her daily use of them. As the rigidity of racks is not only an issue in terms of their design, but is to a large extent influenced by the conditions of use and the regular maintenance, these aspects are described in detail in the standard. A regular inspection is clearly the responsibility of the user.

However, many users remain unaware of the risks associated with neglecting to perform routine maintenance to storage systems, where small defects that are not repaired in time can lead to higher costs in the long run, or even serious accidents if completely ignored.

It is sole responsibility of each and every manager to exercise due diligence and keep up to date with maintenance checks in order to avoid risks and unnecessary costs.

Risks associated with storage systems

Storage systems typically consist of metal components that can pose a safety risk if users aren’t aware of how to operate the systems correctly. One of the biggest risks that warehousing facilities face is a complete structure collapse, and this problem is often two-fold:

  • Structural rigidity is calculated according to unrealistic conditions;
  • Users are collectively negligent

Collective negligence of users

A pallet racking system may seem strong and sturdy to the untrained eye, but the structure’s stability depends entirely on the sum of its parts – that is, the various components that make up the structure, the sturdiness of the joints, bolts and connectors, and the floor anchoring system in place.

To ensure that the force and weight of a load is properly placed and distributed, the installations must keep their original size and make-up from the point of construction to completion, and each component and accessory must retain its initial features.

Racking systems undergo excessive strain due to the weight of goods being stored and the shocks and vibrations exerted on the structure by heavy machinery during loading and offloading of goods. Rough handling when it comes to pallet placing, as well as minor collisions can cause a great deal of stress on the structure.

These factors contribute in great part to the weakening and damage of a storage structure. This makes the system increasingly susceptible to damage and deformation which causes them to lose their structural integrity over time. For this reason, constant maintenance is the key to keeping your storage facilities in good working condition and ensuring a longer life span.

Inspection of Industrial Storage Systems

Our inspection reveals hidden dangers!

We care about our customers, their experiences with our business and ensuring they receive the best service possible from us. We aim to provide consistently excellent service to all our customers.

Our highly qualified service technicians are on call 24/7 to offer support in ensuring your mobile pallet racking installation and pallet shuttle systems are always in excellent working condition.

Safety and security are two of our biggest priorities, and we know how the tiniest of mistakes or oversights can lead to complete disaster if not taken care of in time.

We pay close attention to the finer details to ensure the operational safety and efficiency of every system we install.

Storage Equipment covers:

  • Service interventions
  • Precautionary maintenance
  • Regular and routine inspections
  • Service and inspection reporting
  • Comprehensive training
  • Maintenance to existing installations not necessarily implemented by us

We offer quick, efficient and hassle-free support for any technical problem or query you may have regarding your Storage Equipment installation.

Whether you need a storage solution installed, maintained or adjusted, we guarantee fast and reliable on-site service every time.

  • Every Installation from Storage Equipment is EN Certified and Compliant.
  • EN Compliant Installation Professionals take a hands-on approach to ensuring structures are correctly and safely installed
  • Fast, safe and reliable workmanship aligned to local and international health and safety regulations